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Your local butcher

Shopping for high-quality meat? You’ve found an excellent butcher shop located in  Currumbin, where we carefully select our meats from local sources and around the world to offer you the best quality. 
At our butcher shop, we believe in providing only the best for our customers. That’s why we exclusively offer grass-fed, free-range, and hormone-free beef, lamb, and pork.
But what do these terms mean?
Grass-fed: Our cattle are raised on pastures and fed a natural diet of grass, which results in leaner meat with a distinct flavour profile.
Free-range: Our animals are allowed to roam freely in open spaces, making sure they lead healthy and stress-free lives.
Hormone-free: We guarantee that our meats are free from any artificial hormones or growth promoters, allowing you to enjoy wholesome and natural products.

In addition to our physical shop in Currumbin, we also offer online shopping for convenience. Simply browse our selection of meats, place your order, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.
Shop with us today! We offer free delivery over $150.

Our Stockists

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What Our Customers Say

Matt EvansMatt Evans
07:40 12 Dec 23
Great butcher shop. First class meat and super friendly butchers. Highly recommended.
Jackson GloverJackson Glover
04:26 12 Dec 23
Peter WerthPeter Werth
03:03 12 Dec 23
Well priced quality meat. The boys also provide fantastic service with is friendly & informative. They’ll do what’s needed to keep you happy
Kate WildKate Wild
01:03 14 Nov 23
Perfect butchery! Old school butchery by a relatively young butcher with many years under his belt at this butchery, trained by the old butcher, James knows his stuff and has a great team. Quality, doing cuts you don’t see everywhere, with great extras on offer including the deli stuff. Chicken enchiladas and awesome, a staple in our house. Really decent people and always friendly. Party of the community! The online meat packs are brilliant and much more economical than small purchases. Did I mention quality? Awesome meat.
Max JacksonMax Jackson
20:52 10 Jun 23
Beautiful beef and other meats, can tatse the love and effort that goes in to everything!
11:46 29 Nov 21
Best Butchers on the Gold Coast I believe, and I've been to a few! Always polite service, beautiful fresh tender meat and a great variety too! I think the new owners are doing a fantastic job, the shop is always displayed nicely and you are always greeted in a kind manner.
Derek Adams-WhiteDerek Adams-White
22:40 23 Apr 21
Very friendly and helpful staff, the meat is always very fresh and the display cases are always full. Good prices too. Keith, the owner, and Ethan are always very enthusiastic and great to deal with.