Coffin Bay Oysters per Dozen


Coffin Bay oysters are well-known for their high quality and taste. They come from the pristine waters of South Australia, where the clean, salty environment gives them a distinctive flavour. These oysters are famous for being plump and brimming with a fresh, salty taste that captures the essence of the ocean.

People enjoy Coffin Bay oysters all around the world and locally. They’re often served raw on the half shell to highlight their natural sweetness and oceanic essence. Whether you’re dining at a seaside restaurant, having a fancy picnic, or getting them delivered fresh to your home, Coffin Bay oysters promise a culinary experience that embodies Australia’s coastal charm.

Each dozen of these oysters is a taste of tradition, quality, and the natural beauty found in South Australia’s Coffin Bay.

We also stock coffin bay oysters per half dozen.

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Coffin Bay oysters are known for their amazing taste, coming from the clean, salty waters of South Australia. They’re loved for their plumpness and fresh, briny flavour. These oysters are a treat whether you enjoy them raw with lemon or try them in grilled or baked dishes.

How to store coffin bay oysters

Something important to note is how coffin bay oysters are stored. There are strict rules now to keep your Fresh Oysters safe. Live pacific oysters need to stay chilled below 10°C. Once shucked, keep them in the fridge below 5°C until you’re ready to enjoy them. Make sure to eat them within 7-10 days of harvest, unless you freeze them. When freezing, store them upright to keep their water. If you’re thawing frozen oysters, eat them right away or cook them above 65°C. And remember, dispose of the oyster shells responsibly.