Coffin Bay Oysters per Half Dozen


Coffin Bay oysters are renowned for their exceptional quality and flavour, sourced from the pristine waters of South Australia. The clean, salty environment imparts a distinctive taste that sets these oysters apart. Known for their plumpness and fresh, salty profile, Coffin Bay oysters are cherished worldwide and locally.

These oysters are often enjoyed raw on the half shell, showcasing their natural sweetness and the essence of the ocean. Whether you’re dining at a seaside restaurant, indulging in a gourmet picnic, or having them delivered fresh to your doorstep, These oysters offer a culinary experience that reflects Australia’s coastal allure.

Each half dozen of these oysters embodies tradition, quality, and the natural beauty of Coffin Bay in South Australia.

We also stock Coffin Bay oysters per dozen.

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Coffin Bay oysters are celebrated for their exquisite flavour, originating from the pristine, salty waters of South Australia. Renowned for their plump texture and fresh, briny taste, these oysters are a delight whether savoured raw with a splash of lemon or prepared in grilled or baked dishes.

How to store Coffin Bay oysters

Assuring the freshness of Coffin Bay oysters is essential under new guidelines. Live Pacific oysters must be stored chilled below 10°C. Once shucked, refrigerate them at temperatures below 5°C until you’re ready to enjoy them. It’s recommended to consume them within 7-10 days of harvest, unless you opt to freeze them. When freezing, store them upright to preserve their natural moisture. When thawing frozen oysters, they should be promptly consumed or cooked thoroughly at temperatures exceeding 65°C. Lastly, responsibly dispose of oyster shells after use.