Grass Fed Free Range Lamb Whole/Half


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Whole lambs are 23kg.
Upon order, our friendly butchers will get in contact with you to organise how you would like the lamb cut to your liking.

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Free-range, grass-fed lamb offers exceptional quality and flavour, perfect for those who appreciate natural, ethical meat choices. Our whole lambs weigh approximately 23kg each, assuring you get a generous portion.

When you order a grass-fed lamb from us, our friendly butchers will personally reach out to you. They’ll discuss how you’d like your lamb cut, tailored exactly to your preferences. This personal approach makes sure that every cut meets your culinary requirements, whether you prefer roasts, chops, shanks, or any other specific cuts.

Grass-fed lamb – ethical meat

Free-range and grass-fed lamb practices make sure that our lambs roam freely, graze on natural pastures, and live a healthy life. This not only improves the flavour of the meat but also reflects our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Whether you’re planning a special occasion or stocking up for everyday meals, our free-range, grass-fed lamb guarantees a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Enjoy the natural goodness and superior taste of our lamb, knowing it’s been raised with care and attention to quality.

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